2014 was the year radio listeners embraced mobile, but it has created a “Silo Effect”.


The online assets of stations-apps, mobile web players, desktop players, web sites, even Facebook- all have different user interfaces, content and functions. This combination of fragmented user experiences is very confusing for listeners and advertisers.  We call this the “Silo Effect”.


TuneGenie™ Tears Down The Silos, enabling you to replace them with ONE single interface featuring the same functions-same content across sites and devices.  


What is unique about the TuneGenie platform, is that it is a content-rich media player that self-adjusts to any screen size with matching/companion site widgets and mobile apps.  That enables you to give your audience a focused and consistent interactive music experience featuring your stream synced to the lyrics, concerts, videos and more, no matter how your audience chooses to use you.


In 2015 Nielsen Audio begins its shift to total brand audio measurement.  All listening, terrestrial and streaming across all devices will be used to calculate AQH.  Now more then ever, ONE online user interface matters.  It makes it easier for your audience and enables a more intuitive sales approach.  

TuneGenie is designed for the new world of Nielsen Audio, and solves the “Silo Effect” problem.  It is a way to make your online programming as focused and consistent as your on-air programming.  And much easier for sellers: one matching interface, same ads form any device, finally a uniform-simplified sales strategy. 


Let me help you tear down the silos and replace them with a focused presentation of your brand.

Jeffrey Specter
Founder CEO