Turn Any Site Into A Media Player With Our Embedded Player Bar

​All your media will play directly from your site. No more pop-out players!


Continuous Streaming From Any Page On Your Site

Streams, video, on-demand audio, continue to play as you change site pages.


One Player For All Audio and Video Means

The stream will never play over the video or on-demand audio again.


TuneGenie® Video Travel℠

Videos follow you as you scroll and surf to other pages without interruption. 


Increase Listening (TSL) With Stream Auto-Start℠

The stream automatically starts when any video or on-demand audio ends.

Mobile App, Mobile Web, It's All The Same

Desktop, mobile web or app. Same functions, look, content and ads. 


Music Discovery Rises From The Bar

On-demand music content for each song played in real time.


Pre-Roll Video For More Than Just The Stream

Pre-roll video before stream, video, or on-demand audio.


Widgets That Connect To The Bar

Playlist, now playing and concert calendar.  Click and see info in the tray. 


Create Custom Messages And Schedules (News, Sports,Talk)
A CMS to control your messaging, album art and more.


It's A Tuner, Play Multiple Streams From Your Site

The Bar plays the stream for each station selected, each with pre-roll video.


Keep Your Site Traffic.  Stop Sending Them To That Pop-Out Player

Your Content Becomes Easy To Play

Curate your best content, audio or video, the Bar makes it simple to play.

A WordPress Plug-in

Install the plug-in in seconds or use our simple code.

TuneGenie® Parts-Connections-API’s SDK’s

Use TuneGenie Parts, to assemble your way. 

TuneGenie® Connections
Nielsen, Triton, Wide-Orbit, Dart, YouTube, Apple, SoundCloud, Audio-boom, Ooyala, Vimeo just some of our pre wired connections.   



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